Adam Armstrong


Hometown: Keizer, OR. Born: Vancouver, WA.

Favorite sport: Football/Women's Beach Volleyball (creeper status, I know).

Favorite teams: Seahawks, Pittsburgh Penguins, Mariners, Jennings/Treanor, Blazers.

Least favorite team: Philly Flyers, 49'ers.

What is your first sports memory? The first sports memory that has stuck with me, or sticks out in my mind, was when Bo Jackson jacked his hip up. Turned my stomach back then and still is hard for me to watch.

What is your dream sporting event to attend? To just be a part of the 12th man. On the sidelines. Or, game seven of Lord Stanley's Finals with the Penguins winning...

What is your favorite sports movie? "Moneyball."

Why do you want to host your own show on The FAN? I can bring an intelligent, humorous and entertaining take on sports and current (nerd) events. Much like Cowherd can present a very pointed opinion, factually based and sometimes controversial, I will try and deliver dialogue that will get listeners talking, texting and calling. Dialogue for white and blue collar fans. Local shows on 1080 the Fan are great at giving sports opinions and news as well as talking about other subjects that listeners can either associate with or take interest in. I will try and keep in-line with the other programs, if acceptable, but may have a little more geek-centric dialogue with the listeners. Plus, I have watched all 11 seasons of Fraiser, I know how this radio thing works.

Anything else you want people to know about you? 6>23.