Alex Wheaton


Hometown: Beaverton, OR.

Favorite sport: Tough question, but if I have to (college).

Favorite teams: Oregon State Beavers, Beaverton high school Beavers, Portland Trail Blazers and whoever drafts Johnny Football.

Least favorite team: Oregon Ducks :)

What is your first sports memory? Going to my first blazer game with my father when I was 5 years old. That year (1994), was the last season the Blazers played in the memorial Colosseum, and I got the chance to watch Clyde "the glide" and my new favorite team, smash the Los Angeles Lakers (Boo Ya).

What is your dream sporting event to attend? I want to watch the Oregon State Beavers play in a college football playoff for a chance to win the national title...You said sporting event "dream" right?

What is your favorite sports movie? Tie between Bull Durham, White Men Can't Jump and Caddyshack.

Why do you want to host your own show on The FAN? The two things that make me happiest in life, are making people laugh/smile and sports. I would love to have the chance to do both of those things for a living.

Anything else you want people to know about you? I was a member of the University of Botswana mens basketball team, while studying abroad in college. I also road an ostrich during my journey there. I worked as a tour guide for Oregon State University for most of my college career. I follow college football religiously. I am the skee ball champion of Rehobeth Beach, Deleware. I currently work two jobs and was a pre-med student at OSU. I once sold Ink cartridges door to door as a summer job for a friends dad, and I sold the ink out of those puppies. In my spare time; I love to golf, make it rain from the 3 pt. line on the hardwood and play board games.