Keith Hill


Hometown: Montgomery, AL.

Favorite sport: College Football.

Favorite teams: Auburn Football, Duke Basketball, Carolina Panthers, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, and when I root--I root for the Timbers.

Least favorite team: University of Alabama.

What is your first sports memory? As we all know, the NCAA tournament Championship game is played on Monday night. In 1991, a young Christian Laettner led Blue Devil team made it all the way to the tournament finals. My dad let me stay up and watch the game. Unfortunately, the Running Rebels from UNLV sent me to bed in tears, but the sports bond built between my dad and I will live forever.

What is your dream sporting event to attend? The Iron Bowl.

What is your favorite sports movie? My favorite movie is "The Great White Hype", but my favorite character is Roy Mcavoy. Here's hoping I don't implode like Tin Cup during this competition!

Why do you want to host your own show on The FAN? The World of Sports brings us together, ignites our passions, and brings back our happiest connections. And I want to stir the pot. I want my guests to be uncomfortable as I ask questions that my listeners want to hear. I want my callers to be fired up and to tell me why I'm wrong if I am. You won't always love me, but I bet you'll always listen.

Anything else you want people to know about you? I want to win this for my almost 10 year old daughter, Gabby. She heard the commercial for "Hunt for the Host" first, and begged me to go an audition. Our bond (like my father before me) was built loving sports together. I always want her to chase her dreams--so I had to chase mine!